“Structured Learning for Awareness in Media” (#SLAM) aims at enhancing young people’s awareness and critical thinking on the role of Mass Media as a challenge and precondition for more inclusive societies towards migrants and refugees.

We are excited to share with you all the amazing outputs all of our teams have put together in regards to this project and we can’t wait to share with you all the results of this TC!

Day 1 of #TrainingCourse “Structured Learning for Awareness in Media” (#SLAM) in Stintino, Italy with participants from different countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy, Montenegro, Serbia, Turkey, Albania and Bulgaria. We are really thrilled to share our impression from this TC, which will provide young people with an opportunity to discuss media literacy and fake news, as well as to examine stereotypes and biases toward refugees and migrants.

Day ONE was full of activities: 

  • Official opening and introduction to the #project;
  • Meeting each other through sharing expectations, fears and contributions, as well as presentations by national groups;
  • Teambuilding activities;
  • Roundtable discussion about national presentations: insights, similarities and differences between national challenges and scenarios.

Day TWO in Stintino, Italy was amazing. Let us introduce you with the activities of the TC:

  • Identifying trends, biases and techniques of mass media stereotyping refugees and migrants;
  • Mapping national and regional models of stereotyping against migrants and refugees in mass media;
  • Identifying trends of sensationalism and securitization;
  • Presenting national models of regulation and self-regulation of mass media
  • Identifying gaps and persisting #challenges.
  • Sounds interesting, right? Then, continue reading about our today’s activities

Have a sneak peek to our activities in the TC and the day 3 in Stintino, Italy:

Participants were presenting national good practices of youth and NGO action to promote media literacy among the youth with concerns to migrants/refugee topics and mass media.
During the second workshop they did SWOT analysis on young people and NGOs as catalysts of societal awareness for positive change in mass media concerning migrants and refugees.

Day FIVE was also educative and interesting for our participants. The participants had a chance to travel and learn, meet and explore the city of Alghero. But, also learning about Erasmus +. They dived into the Erasmus+ program and what it offers through #KA1, #KA2 and #KA3 projects.

As the last day of the TC was absolute amazing, because we were learning all about amazing youthpass certificate awarded by Erasmus+ as well as sharing what we learned, how we contributed and where we are after the TC. We are wrapping up this training, participants are going home and the world is a better place with people who just learned something new.