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Following the International Day of Education, this article is going to celebrate that beautiful occupation and process. We bring you another positive story about learning. How BRAVO teaches is already familiar to you all, but let’s repeat the material.

BRAVO (Bosnian Representative Association for Valuable opportunities) is a professional non-governmental organization based and focused on knowledge, entrepreneurship, civil society development, non-formal education, and innovative learning and development techniques for young people and adults.

Project through which we emphasized all of the mentioned, but also the project which has a special place in our heart is SLAM. What makes it special?

Structured Learning for Awareness in Media is the project which BRAVO has successfully coordinated in the last two years and we are very proud of our work, as well as the work of our partners. Structured Learning for Awareness in Media” (SLAM) aims at enhancing young people’s awareness and critical thinking on the role of Mass Media as a challenge and precondition for more inclusive societies towards migrants and refugees. The SLAM project involves seven partner organizations from both EU and non-EU countries. The Consortium team includes organizations from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Italy, Montenegro, Serbia, and Turkey.

From January 21 to January 24, the SLAM seminar was held in Sarajevo, and youth from 7 countries took participation in it, highly contributed to it, and gained a wide spectrum of knowledge. This is what we have dealt with during the Seminar:

  •         Positive and negative sides of media in the participants’ countries;
  •         What does the media lie about the most, where participants listed the economy, COVID-19, and VIPs;
  •         SWOT analysis of the social media;
  •         Social media campaign- How to implement different techniques and methods in SLAM social media campaign. Some of the ideas given were: Employing celebrities/influencers that would help with the reach; Subsections of the main SLAM page in different languages where content related to the certain country could be published; Fliers; Self- fact Check Guide; Helping young people in becoming more media literate, how to spot fake news and how to report it.
  •         Campaign against spreading false news and raising awareness of the importance of timely and correct media reporting;
  •         Presentations of the national teams on the topic of the presence and representation of migrants in the national media;
  •         Evaluation of the seminar
  •         Certification ceremony.

In three days of the seminar, we did incredible work and we are proud of every single participant. If this doesn’t show you the atmosphere, check our social networks.

First day of seminar – RECAP 

Second day of seminar – RECAP 

Third day of seminar – RECAP